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In the late sixties a group of two-year college mathematics educators, recognizing the lack of an organization designed specifically to serve as a means of communication among two-year college mathematics faculty, discussed the feasibility of creating such an organization. Mathematical associations then in existence were primarily serving the needs of elementary and secondary school teachers or of four-year college and university personnel. The phenomenal growth of two-year colleges clearly justified the formation of a professional association devoted exclusively to the unique problems of teaching mathematics at the freshman-sophomore college level. In May 1967, at a meeting in Syracuse, NYSMATYC, the New York State Mathematics Association of Two-Year Colleges, was born. Since that date, NYSMATYC has grown from a small nucleus of charter members to a membership of over 350 representing more than 50 of the two-year colleges in New York State. The Association welcomes associate members from the faculties of four-year colleges and from two-year colleges outside New York State.

Early in its history, NYSMATYC initiated publication of the NYSMATYC Newsletter, which soon became the NYSMATYC Journal. Since that time, the Journal has developed into an independent national publication known as the Mathematics and Computer Education Journal (MACE). The MACE staff now includes both two-year and four-year college educators, and addresses the first years of college.

What Does NYSMATYC Do?

Much of the work of NYSMATYC is accomplished through its committee structure and its executive board. The standing committees include committees on curriculum, scholarship, summer institute, articulation, awards, and legislation.

NYSMATYC gives awards for outstanding service in the advancement of two-year college mathematics education issues, provides scholarships for transferring students, and sponsors the NYSMATYC math league. NYSMATYC also publishes a semiannual newsletter which highlights the Association's activities. In addition, NYSMATYC encourages and sponsors regional meetings for two-year college faculty, as well as an annual meeting which is held each spring. The annual meeting provides an opportunity for members to hear distinguished speakers, exchange ideas with colleagues from across the state and nation, and participate in the activities of the Association.

NYSMATYC was the first two-year college mathematics organization in the United States. Throughout its history, NYSMATYC has been a leader in the two-year college movement and has offered its assistance and expertise to neighboring states which were forming their own associations of two-year college mathematics teachers.

Why Should You Join?

The life-blood of any organization is its membership. NYSMATYC has been in the vanguard of professional associations devoted to the unique problems of teaching at the two-year college level. NYSMATYC is run by and for its membership through its elected officers and its standing committees. As a member of the community of two-year college mathematics educators, it is your professional responsibility to actively participate in the organization whose exclusive function is to advance the status of mathematics education at the two-year college level in New York State. Through your active membership in NYSMATYC, your voice will be heard on current issues affecting the profession in general and two-year college mathematics education in particular. Membership entitles you to attend the various regional meetings, the summer institutes, and the annual conference sponsored by the Association.

When people involve themselves in NYSMATYC, they discover a closeness and spirit of friendliness that is difficult to find in a large, geographically diverse organization.