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NYSMATYC Scholarship Awards

NYSMATYC Scholarship Awards

Scholarships Descriptions

These are the scholarship awards given to high achieving students at two-year colleges across the state.

John Vadney Past Presidents' Award

John Vadney was one of the founding fathers of NYSMATYC, but what set him apart from the rest of the founders was his continuous attendance at conferences for more than 40 years. His final contribution to the organization was to the Scholarship Fund. He pushed his fellow past presidents to contribute to the Scholarship Fund to push the total scholarship awards given by NYSMATYC to students to over $100,000. As a result of his efforts a new scholarship was created in 2010 for high achievers called the Past Presidents’ Award and was renamed in 2011 to the John Vadney Past Presidents’ Award.

Helen Siner Scholarship Award

Helen Siner taught mathematics at Staten Island Community College, which later became the College of Staten Island a 4-year CUNY unit. In 1975 Helen was honored by NYSMATYC for Outstanding Contributions to Mathematics Education. During the 1970’s and 1980’s Helen chaired the Scholarship Committee almost continuously. After her death in the early 1990’s the top NYSMATYC Scholarship Award was named in Helen’s honor.

Dan Dodway Scholarship Award

Dan Dodway was a professor of mathematics at Broome Community College. He served as NYSMATYC’s 21st president. Dan also served the organization as Articulation chair as well as working with Paul Earl on some very successful Summer Institutes, the forerunner to our Professional Development Committee. In the mid 1990’s Dan was killed in a tragic ultra-light plane accident. To honor his memory, the highest scholarship given annually to a student with intentions of pursuing a career in mathematics education was named in Dan’s honor.

Award for Excellence in Mathematics

The Award for Excellence in Mathematics is given to outstanding mathematics students who demonstrate abilities and dedication above and beyond the norm.

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