2018 NYSMATYC Annual Conference

April 13-15 ∞The Queensbury Hotel and Conference Center∞ Glens Falls, NY

Conference Announcement

Borrowing some spirit from the upcoming Winter Olympics, our conference theme this year will be “Go for Gold”. Veteran and newer members alike, please consider sharing your wisdom and experiences by presenting at our conference. We truly appreciate what you have to say, show and share. We are planning on capturing the spirit of competition at this conference, and there may be certain team advantages to presenting (and presiding)…..

We are using the “Go for Gold” conference theme to solicit proposals that celebrate excellence. Tell us how you make your classes great. Tell us what you do to make your students great. Tell us how you make your programs great. Presenter and Presider forms can be found below.

In addition to presentations on the content we champion and the forces shaping our instruction, I also encourage you to tell us how you make yourself great! It is easily overlooked that the teacher needs to be running at champion levels, in mind, body, and soul, to be able to share that energy with students. What do you do to excel? Have a mindfulness or meditation routine you can share? A workout or diet based on arithmetic that you can share with us? A hobby that involves applied mathematics?

We also encourage presentations that show the connection between what we teach and the application of such. Do you know faculty in other areas that could drop in to give a talk about how math is used in a biology class with microscopes? How engineering students use calculus? How musicians use trigonometry? Give us answers to the eternal question, “when am I ever going to use this?”!

I am hoping this will be a fun conference, and I’m sure it will with your participation. A time and place to relax, enjoy, and recharge. Look forward to lots of friendly competition, and I hope to see you there. If you have any questions, email me at clkemp@genesee.edu. We can always use more help on the Conference Committee and I welcome your suggestions.