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About the Scholarships

Michelle Downey from Genesee C.C. receives a scholarship at the 2007 Annual Conference.

NYSMATYC awards are granted to mathematics students in New York State who have been enrolled in a two-year college during the 2022-2023 academic year and who expect to transfer to a bachelor’s degree granting institution during the 2023-24 or 2024-25 academic year to continue their studies in mathematics or a mathematics related field. Applicants must have at least one year of Calculus completed (Calculus I and II), at least a 3.5 grade point average in completed mathematics courses, and at least a 3.3 G.P.A. overall. Students interested in mathematics education are especially encouraged to apply.

Please note that these scholarship awards are competitive. The requirements listed above are minimum eligibility criteria and do not guarantee being selected for an award.

View descriptions of each award.

This year, the deadline for students to apply for a NYSMATYC scholarship award will be March 1, 2023.

Please review the documents below for more information.

Scholarship Award Winners

2022 Award Winners

$1000 Helen Siner Memorial Scholarship
Jaclyn Liquori from Corning Community College

$800 NYSMATYC Award for Excellence in Mathematics
Curtis Pilny from Mohawk Valley CC

$400 NYSMATYC Award for Excellence in Mathematics
Richard Kim from Nassau CC

$400 NYSMATYC Award for Excellence in Mathematics
Sean Lannon from Monroe CC

$400 NYSMATYC Award for Excellence in Mathematics
Matthew Suttmeier from SUNY Broome CC

For the 2019-20 academic year, there were 10 scholarships awarded:

  1. Brian Nelson – Suffolk CC, $1000, Helen Siner Memorial Award
  2. Julia Lew – Queensborough CC, $1000, John Vadney Past Presidents Award
  3. Robert Carr – Hudson Valley CC, $800
  4. Yanqiu Guo – Queensborough CC, $800
  5. Ma’or Lev – Hudson Valley CC, $800
  6. Yanbin Li – Queensborough CC, $800
  7. Madison Speakman – Rockland CC, $500
  8. Marissa Brennan – Genessee CC, $400
  9. Kaitlyn Rabe – Mohawk Valley CC, $400
  10. Joshua Stuhlan – Mohawk Valley CC, $400

A total of $6,900 was given out for scholarships for the 2019-2020 academic year. Congratulations to all of our scholarship winners!

Please consider donating to the NYSMATYC Scholarship Fund.

Michelle Downey from Genesee C.C.
Michelle Downey from Genesee C.C.
receives a scholarship at
the 2007 Annual Conference.


These are the scholarship awards given to high achieving students at two-year colleges across the state.

John Vadney Past Presidents’ Award

John Vadney was one of the founding fathers of NYSMATYC, but what set him apart from the rest of the founders was his continuous attendance at conferences for more than 40 years. His final contribution to the organization was to the Scholarship Fund. He pushed his fellow past presidents to contribute to the Scholarship Fund to push the total scholarship awards given by NYSMATYC to students to over $100,000. As a result of his efforts a new scholarship was created in 2010 for high achievers called the Past Presidents’ Award and was renamed in 2011 to the John Vadney Past Presidents’ Award.

Helen Siner Scholarship Award

Helen Siner taught mathematics at Staten Island Community College, which later became the College of Staten Island a 4-year CUNY unit. In 1975 Helen was honored by NYSMATYC for Outstanding Contributions to Mathematics Education. During the 1970’s and 1980’s Helen chaired the Scholarship Committee almost continuously. After her death in the early 1990’s the top NYSMATYC Scholarship Award was named in Helen’s honor.

Dan Dodway Scholarship Award

Dan Dodway was a professor of mathematics at Broome Community College. He served as NYSMATYC’s 21st president. Dan also served the organization as Articulation chair as well as working with Paul Earl on some very successful Summer Institutes, the forerunner to our Professional Development Committee. In the mid 1990’s Dan was killed in a tragic ultra-light plane accident. To honor his memory, the highest scholarship given annually to a student with intentions of pursuing a career in mathematics education was named in Dan’s honor.

Award for Excellence in Mathematics

The Award for Excellence in Mathematics is given to outstanding mathematics students who demonstrate abilities and dedication above and beyond the norm.

NYSTMATYC Awards and Recognitions

Outstanding Contributions to NYSMATYC

The purpose of this award is to recognize individuals who have made significant contributions to NYSMATYC. These contributions may include the following:

  • coordinating, assisting, presenting or presiding at annual or regional meetings
  • serving as committee chair or elected officer on the Executive Board
  • service as Campus Representative
  • service as Mathematics League Coordinator
  • representing or promoting NYSMATYC with other organizations or groups
Full Description & List of Award Winners (Click to expand)
1971 Frank Avenoso, Nassau Community College
1972 Michael Sentlowitz, Rockland Community College
1973 Sam McInroy, Corning Community College
1985 Helen Seiner, The College of Staten Island
1988 Paul Earl, Broome Community College
1989 Roy Cameron, SUNY Cobleskill
1990 John Impagliazzo, Hofstra University
1991 Karl Klee, Jamestown Community College
2001 Don Willner, Mohawk Valley Community College
2002 Maryann Justinger, Erie Community College
2003 Ernie Danforth, Corning Community College
2004 Kate Danforth, Corning Community College
2005 John Vadney, Fulton Montgomery Community College
2006 Ken Mead, Genesee Community College
2007 Mary Beth Orrange, Erie Community College
2009 Ray Labounty, Corning Community College
2010 Abe Mantell, Nassau Community College
2016 Herb Gross, Corning Community College

Outstanding Contributions to Mathematics Education

The purpose of this award is to recognize members of NYSMATYC who have made significant contributions to mathematics education. These contributions are not limited to the two-year college level and must advance the mathematics education of students beyond the campus of the individual. Nominees for this award should be active members in various mathematics and mathematics education organizations on both the state and national levels. Significant contributions may be on either the state or the national level, but some activity is expected on both levels. Activities which may be considered by the awards committee include, but are not limited to, the following: Curriculum Development, Pedagogical Improvement, Publications, Coalition Building, Teaching Expertise, Departmental Leadership.

The full list of the Outstanding Contributions to Mathematics Education award winners:

Full Description & List of Award Winners (Click to expand)
1972 James Eastham, Queensborough CC
1973 Erwin Just, Bronx Community College
1974 Norm Schaumberger, Bronx Community College
1975 Calvin Lathan, Monroe Community College
1976 Lawrence Trivieri, Mohawk Valley Community College
1977 Herb Gross, Corning Community College
1978 Allyn Washington, Corning Community College
1979 Peter Lindstrom, Genesee Community College
1980 Sheldon Gordon, Suffolk County Community College
1981 Warren Page, New York City Technical College
1982 Gerald Lieblich, Bronx Community College
1983 Geoffrey Akst, Manhattan Community College
1986 Allen Angel, Monroe Community College
1987 Don Cohen, SUNY Cobleskill
1990 Joseph Browne, Onondaga Community College
1991 Richard Schwartz, College of Staten Island
1992 Mona Fabricant, Queensborough Community College
1994 Susan Forman, Bronx Community College
1995 Sadie Bragg, Borough of Manhattan Community College
1996 Rick Patrick, Adirondack Community College
1997 Philip Cheifetz, Nassau Community College
1999 Rose Tan, Westchester Community College
2000 James K. Baker, Jefferson Community College
2005 Dona Boccio, Queensborough Community College
2011 Ernie Danforth, Corning Community College
2012 Roy Cameron, SUNY Cobleskill
2015 Paul Seeburger, Monroe Community College
2016 Mary Beth Orrange, Erie Community College