New York State Mathematics Association Of Two Year Colleges

Project Ernie

In 2008, NYSMATYC created a new program titled Enhancing Relationships to Nurture and Inspire Educators: Project ERNIE. The purpose of the program is to help integrate new two year college faculty into teaching mathematics at community colleges and to be members of NYSMATYC. Participants of Project Ernie are expected to attend several targeted sessions at the annual conference and participate in general conference activities when not in their own sessions. Cohorts are expected to communicate with each other during the year and periodically share professional development activities with the group.

For each of the Project ERNIE participants, NYSMATYC will provide an allowance covering a) the registration fee for the annual conference in April, b) one year’s paid membership to NYSMATYC, and c) up to $100 of reimbursable expenses.

There is an expectation that the home campus of each participant will provide support, specifically: a) to release participants from teaching responsibilities to attend the annual conference by noon on Friday, and b) to help financially support the member’s attendance at this conference.

All applicants are asked to submit an application, a brief vita, and a letter of support from his/her college.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact one of the Project Directors, Raymond LaBounty ( or Mary Beth Orrange (

Yumiko Akiba Corning CC 2019
Francene Cicia Adirondack CC 2019
Dale Dawes BMCC 2019
Nicole Davis Alfred State 2019
Kleva Kosta Nassau CC 2019
James Liporace Rockland CC 2019
David Peterson SUNY Orange 2019
Sara Rose Broome CC 2019
Jason Englert Suffolk CC 2018
Colleen Stevens Onondaga CC 2018
Elizabeth Carris-Swan SUNY Orange 2017
Jason Furney Onondaga CC 2017
Elizabeth McGrath BCC 2017
Jodi Merklinger Finger Lakes CC 2017
Christine Quinn Finger Lakes CC 2017
John Rion SUNY Orange 2017
Crystal Varlaro Morrisville 2017
Patty Zabel Onondaga CC 2017
Daniel Groom Finger Lakes 2016
Ashley Martin Jamestown 2016
Ryan McCann Columbia-Greene 2016
Erin Newton Onondaga 2016
Alannah Bennie Westchester 2015
Thomas Heidt Monroe 2015
Philip Loud Corning CC 2015
Rachael Millings Suffolk 2015
Joseph Bernat Nassau 2014
Christina Cornejo Erie 2014
Erin Langdon Erie 2014
Matthew Matcovich Rockland 2014
Patricia Owens Onondaga 2014
Kaitlin Reissig Orange 2014
Kristen Zugibe Rockland 2014
Suzanne Zybert Bronx 2014
Donna Avery Orange 2013
Laura Bond Monroe 2013
Jennifer Eddy SUNY Morrisville 2013
Mary Ellen Ensign Tompkins-Cortland 2013
Jaclyn Labozzetta Suffolk 2013
Heather Liggett Onondaga 2013
Susan Rothwell Erie South 2013
Amelia Stein Broome 2013
Matt Williams Monroe 2013
Trevor Bradish Jefferson 2012
Mary Cameron Monroe 2012
Hatesh Radia Corning 2012
Venessa Singhroy Queensborough 2012
Mark Bellavia Monroe 2011
Patrick Burdick Corning 2011
Ruth Crammond Fulton-Montgomery 2011
Barbara Fisher Orange County 2011
Chi Giang Westchester 2011
Wadiha Haddad Monroe 2011
Josh Hammond Jefferson 2011
Lynn Hayes Corning 2011
Chris Kemp Genesee 2011
Joel Morocho Orange County 2011
Shaun Rajan Westchester 2011
Mei Xing Orange County 2011
Marca Bruff Corning 2010
Michael Higgins Erie 2010
Max Lee Westchester 2010
Brian Milleville Erie 2010
Stephanie Olstad Columbia-Greene 2010
Tairi Roque-Urrea Broome 2010
Abby Todd Broome 2010
Christine Brady Suffolk 2009
Linda Carson Monroe 2009
Tricia Clark Mohawk Valley 2009
Tara Cope Adirondack 2009
Larry Danforth Jefferson 2009
Laurie Davis Erie 2009
Emily Hantsch Mohawk Valley 2009
Kevin Martz Corning 2009
Jean Nicholas Pestieau Suffolk 2009
Bert Rawert Adirondack 2009
John Urrea-Roque Broome 2009
Mary Stella Van Waems CC of Morris 2009